Our HR Advice service is designed to ensure that our Clients and employees are able to work effectively and efficiently, whilst also ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

We work with our Clients, in partnership, to ensure that we provide pragmatic solutions.

Our advice is intended to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their HR issues and operations and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The nature of our advice will depend on the specific issue and the needs of our Client.

Our services include a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Employee Relations - providing advice and guidance and support to employees and managers on issues such as performance management, absence management, conflict resolution and employee grievances
  • People Management - advising on the management and development of the workforce to meet the Company's goals and objectives. Involving a variety of activities such as recruitment, selection, training, motivating and retention of staff. This is essential part of HR operations as effective people management involves creating a positive work environment where employees valued, respected and engaged.
  • Compliance - advice that ensures ensuring compliance with employment law and regulations. We will create policies and procedures that promote fairness and equity in the workplace, treat people with dignity and respect and ensure that all documentation is requirement with the obligation of Employment law and regulation.
  • HR Management Software - we partner with BreatheHR, a cloud based HR management system which offers various tools and features to manage HR tasks efficiently. The system allows our Clients to manage their data, absence management, performance management, recruitment, time and attendance and employee documentation. It offers a self service function, allowing employees to manage their own HR related tasks, such as requesting time off or updating personal information.

We have a range of packages available, for more information, Contact Us now on 01564 739 103.