Worker Who Tripped Over No Entry Sign Wins £35,000 in Compensation

Despite stringent health and safety rules, accidents at work remain a frequent occurrence and those who suffer injury should consult a solicitor without delay. In one case, a worker who tripped over a no entry sign installed to deter employees from taking illicit smoking breaks was awarded substantial damages. In the early hours of the… Read more »

Facing an Exodus of Employees? Could It Be an Unlawful Team Move?

So-called team moves, in which key personnel simultaneously resign and move in concert to a competitor, can have a devastating impact on any business. However, as a High Court case underlined, those on the receiving end of such a manoeuvre do not have to take it lying down and should take legal advice without delay…. Read more »

Gender Diversity Bias Claim Fails to Convince Court

Many employers are taking laudable steps to increase diversity in their workforces by recruiting more women. However, as a case involving an unsuccessful candidate for a BBC radio broadcasting position showed, such considerations do not detract from the overriding obligation to avoid gender discrimination. The case concerned a male broadcast journalist/producer who had worked for… Read more »

Practising Law is for Lawyers – Always Consult a Qualified Solicitor!

Vulnerable negligence victims sadly often fall into the clutches of unqualified people who hold themselves out as professionals with expertise in pursuing compensation claims. A High Court ruling served as a warning to all that practising law is for lawyers and that there can be no replacement for a qualified solicitor. The case concerned a… Read more »

Want to Adopt a Child From Overseas? Beware the Legal Pitfalls!

Adopting children from overseas is fraught with legal pitfalls and those who attempt to do so without first taking expert advice expose themselves to heartbreak. In one case, however, the High Court came to the aid of a British woman who adopted a little girl who was found abandoned beside a Ugandan roadside. The girl… Read more »

Harvey Weinstein Case Exposes Wrinkle in Employment Tribunal Rules

Sexual harassment proceedings against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein gave rise to a thorny jurisdictional issue that threatened to undermine the power of Employment Tribunals (ETs) to make evidence disclosure orders against those who are not physically present in Great Britain. The case concerned a woman’s claim against Weinstein, a convicted sex offender, and nine… Read more »