Free Support for Job Seekers

Our HR Division – Schofield HR – is offering free support for anyone who has been made redundant during this tough time. It’s been reported today by the Office for National Statistics that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment in the UK has increased to 1.3million and it is predicted to hit 4… Read more »

Deductions From Pay and the National Minimum Wage – Guideline Ruling

Are ‘deductions’ from workers’ pay in respect of living accommodation and training costs to be viewed as ‘reductions’ capable of bringing their remuneration below the National Minimum Wage (NMW)? The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) addressed that burning issue in an important test case. The case concerned a telemarketing company which required new employees to undergo… Read more »

Secret Marriage Leads to Legal Complications – High Court Ruling

It is not only in the realms of fiction that lovers choose to marry in secret, away from the gaze of their disapproving families. A highly unusual High Court case, however, showed the legal difficulties that can arise from such arrangements. The case concerned a former couple who, without telling their families, went through a… Read more »

Workplace Zero-Tolerance Policies Can Be Legally Hazardous

Many employers quite understandably treat certain forms of misconduct particularly seriously, but the adoption of so-called ‘zero-tolerance’ policies is replete with legal pitfalls. That was certainly so in the case of the Home Office’s tough stance on employee misuse of its IT systems. The case concerned a qualified barrister who was an exceptionally effective and… Read more »

Can Contract Adjudications Be Fairly Held During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Speedy and cost-effective dispute resolution is the primary aspiration of the contract adjudication regime – but to what extent can that be fairly achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic? The High Court confronted that issue in a guideline case. A woman asserted that she had been overcharged by a building company for works carried out on… Read more »

Government Wheels Out Big Guns to Fight Freedom of Information Requests

Almost any inquisitive person would love to know more about the inner workings of government. However, as a highly unusual tribunal decision showed, unrestrained freedom of information can have a chilling impact on effective policy-making. The day after the Department for Culture, Media and Sport changed its name to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media… Read more »