An Assertive Management Style Is One Thing, Harassment Quite Another

A firm management style is all well and good, but where it descends into harassment the financial and reputational consequences can be severe. In an employment case on point, a professional firm was landed in legal hot water by its senior partner’s uncompromising attitude and sometimes volcanic temper. The case concerned a middle-aged barrister who… Read more »

Judge Breaks Deadlock Between Unmarried Ex-Couple With Children

When long-term relationships between unmarried couples break down, disentangling their property and financial affairs can be challenging, particularly where children are involved. As one case showed, however, a clean break is often the best option for all concerned. The case involved a middle-aged couple who had continued to live uncomfortably under the same roof for… Read more »

Social Media Posts Marked Private Can Still Land You in Trouble!

It is an enduring misconception that internet users can post whatever they like on their social media profiles so long as they are set to ‘private’. In a case on point, a man whose vile and grossly offensive comments on Instagram risked stirring up racial hatred received a deterrent prison sentence. In a series of… Read more »

When Does an Employee Start Work? Guideline Decision

The requirement that workers must have two years of continuous employment before they can bring an unfair dismissal claim means that the precise date on which they started work can be of critical importance. Precisely that issue arose in the case of a safety supervisor who unofficially began work a week before his employment by… Read more »

Occupiers’ Liability – Fence Climbing Boy Refused Compensation

Occupiers of land are generally aware of their duty to keep visitors to their properties reasonably safe – but it may surprise many of them that that obligation extends to trespassers. A High Court case in which this issue was in point concerned a teenager who was injured whilst clambering over an anti-intruder fence. The… Read more »