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Schofield HR

Schofield HR is a division of Schofield & Associates, an established law practice which specialises in employment law issues.

Delivering a high level of HR Consultancy, Schofield HR provide dedicated bespoke HR support and guidance to organisations throughout the UK.  Whether you are a new and developing business with less than 5 employees or an organisation which has seen growth, SchofieldHR are here to ensure that you not only remain compliant with your obligations as an Employer but are also ensure that we protect you and yourr most important assets … your employees!

Most Company’s understand the benefits of investing in their employees, the support and guidance that SchofieldHR provides is comprehensive, common sense and bespoke to each individual business.

Our Commitment to Clients

  • We provide sound, reliable HR advice and guidance, when you need it!
  • We ensure that you are supported by dedicated Human Resource professionals with well established skills and experience, backed by experienced and established employment law solicitors
  • We give you peace of mind  by ensuring that you are legally compliant
  • We can help ensure significant savings to you when compared to the cost of maintaining an internal HR support function
  • Our service is bespoke
  • Without dedicated support, you risk penalties awarded from a Employment Tribunal if you do not have HR policies & processes in place
  • Finally, Employment tribunal applications often succeed purely based on the Employer not adhering to the correct processes, despite the reasons behind dismissal being justified

The Services We Offer Our Clients


Your Investment

We base our charges on the bespoke service requirements that you require, as well as the number of employees that are employed.

Where you prefer to have adhoc support, charges will be made based on either on an hourly rate or as a package.

For more information and a free initial consultation contact us or call on 01564 739 103 and speak a member of the HR team.