Welcome to our new website

We are today pleased to announce the next phase in the development of Schofield & Associates with the launch of this new web-site www.schofieldandassociates.co.uk

Having established the firm at the start of 2009, following over a decade of experience with leading Midlands’ lawyers, we have seen the business grow from strength to strength. We specialise in dealing with employers and employees on legal matters where a high level of personal advice is required however we also wanted a website that offers clients more than just an overview of our services.
Launching the web-site allows us to communicate with both existing and prospective clients and enables them to keep up to date with what we offer as a firm, as well as changes in the legal framework across the UK and Europe. The latest updates will be available on these news pages and will shortly be enhanced by video podcasts posting even more information on changes to Employment Law and related legislation.
In addition we will also be inviting professionals from other sectors such as pension experts, accountants and professionals from the financial sector to provide updates which complement issues connected to employment law.
Whilst our offices are convenient for access from all parts of the Midlands, being within 5 minutes of the M42, our new web-site ensures we can be reached at all times at the click of a button.

For more information on Schofield & Associates please contact us here

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