Our top tips on getting the most out of recruitment agencies….

  1. Choose the right agency – sounds simple, but is it? Do your research. If you are recruiting for a specialist, look for agencies that concentrate on that sector or profession. Look for established agencies as they will likely have a wider pool of candidates. Who have you used previously, were they successful?
  1. Exercise control – make sure you are in control of the relationship! Meet with the agencies prior to engaging, ensuring the consultant that you will be dealing with is present. Ask them critical questions: How do they find candidates? Where do they advertise? If they are unknown to you, ask for contacts in other companies who they have worked for.
  1. Ground rules – is the recruiter going to have exclusive access to recruiting for any positions when they arise? Agree a timescale upfront (two weeks is common) for that recruiter to have exclusivity. Agree on how you will measure the recruiter’s performance.
  1. Agree the rates – for any current or future vacancies. Make sure they are competitive. Agree any rebate rates should the candidate leave your business in the early days after joining. Get the rates in writing!
  1. Ensure there is a clear process. Get the recruiter to do the identity and right to work checks. Does the recruiter meet in person or have a Skype/telephone call with each shortlisted candidate? Agree on a small number of vetted CVs to be sent to you.
  1. Ensure you respond in a timely matter to prevent losing good candidates through your delay!
  1. Maintain the relationship. Give feedback to the recruiter on the CVs provided and following candidate interviews. Do not lose contact with them – take the time to update them on your business even during times you are not actively recruiting. This will ensure the recruiter has you in mind, especially if you have agreed to be supplied with speculative CVs!

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