Big Money Divorce Engages Family Judge in Company Valuation

<p>Companies are notoriously difficult to value and particular difficulties can arise when they form the principal assets to be divided in divorce proceedings. In a big money case on point, the High Court bridged a huge gulf between the value placed by a wife and a husband on the latter&rsquo;s business interests.</p> <p>The couple&rsquo;s marriage,… Read more »

Sleeping Employment Judge Caused Unfairness in Museum Curator’s Case

<p>Judges spend long hours listening to dense evidence and argument, and they would be superhuman if they did not occasionally nod off. As an employment case showed, however, the consequences of sleepy-headedness can be grave if it affects the fairness of proceedings.</p> <p>The case concerned a senior curator, employed by a group of museums, who… Read more »

Dance Teacher Scores VAT Exemption in Guideline Education Case

<p>Death and taxes may be inevitable, but HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are not infallible and if you are on the receiving end of a wrong decision, you should consult a lawyer right away. A dance teacher who did just that was relieved of a substantial VAT bill after the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) recognised that… Read more »

Eileen Schofield unveils Birmingham Law Society History Plaque

The History Plate was awarded at the end of 2018, during the Law Society’s bicentenary year, in recognition of its longevity and status as one of the UK’s oldest law societies and for its work in serving and representing the legal community locally and nationally.  It was jointly unveiled by Birmingham Civic Society Chairman, Amelia… Read more »

Fallen Victim to Fraud? An Expert Lawyer Can Advise You!

<p>When businesses or individuals fall victim to fraud, perpetrators often go to ground and do all in their power to keep hold of their ill-gotten gains. However, a case in which an accountant was accused of embezzling over &pound;300,000 from a corporate client showed that judges are far from powerless in dealing with such behaviour.</p>… Read more »

Come Up With a Brilliant Invention? Do You or Your Employers Own It?

<p>If employees come up with brilliant ideas, do they have intellectual property rights in them or are they the sole property of their employers? The High Court considered that burning issue in the context of a computer software dispute.</p> <p>A company applied for international, national and regional patents in respect of a novel and potentially… Read more »

‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ Relevant to Valuing £200,000 Fatal Accident Claim

<p>In an era of apparently ever-increasing property prices, many young people rely on the so-called &lsquo;bank of mum and dad&rsquo; to help buy their first homes. In a ground-breaking decision, the High Court took that into account in awarding the three dependent sons of a road accident victim more than &pound;200,000 in damages.</p> <p>The twice-divorced… Read more »

High Court Untangles Family Trust to Award Ex-Wife Over £7 Million

<p><img alt=”Mansion” src=”″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />Large family fortunes are commonly held in complicated trust structures and that can give rise to difficulties in the event of divorce. However, a big money case in which a wife was awarded a seven-figure sum showed that family judges are more than capable of untangling them… Read more »

Shared Parental Leave and Enhanced Maternity Rights

<p>Is it directly or indirectly discriminatory that men are paid less when on shared parental leave than women on maternity leave? In a ground breaking decision, the Court of Appeal has answered that burning question in the negative.</p> <p>Women are entitled to 52 weeks' leave after giving birth, 39 of them paid. The first six… Read more »