Hiring Agency Workers? Do You Understand Your Legal Responsibilities?

<p>Engaging agency workers offers ease and flexibility, but employers who believe that they thereby divorce themselves from all legal responsibility are sadly mistaken. In a guideline case on point, a transport company was ordered to compensate agency workers who were paid less than their directly employed colleagues.</p> <p>For a period of almost two years, the… Read more »

Being Harassed by a Disgruntled Ex-Employee? See a Lawyer Today!

<p>Ex-employees who have left in acrimonious circumstances can bear grudges, and social media gives them the opportunity to make a pest of themselves. As a High Court case showed, however, specialist lawyers are more than capable of protecting clients who are on the receiving end of harassment or abuse.</p> <p>The case concerned the former CEO… Read more »

Gangland Informer Fails in Breach of Contract Claim Against Police

<p>Those who claim the benefit of contracts must first prove their existence. In a novel case, a gangland informant failed to convince the High Court that the police had reneged on a binding agreement to grant him extensive financial and other support in return for his assistance in bringing a suspected murderer to book.</p> <p><img… Read more »

Guidance for Tribunal Users

<p><strong>T</strong>he Government <a href=”https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/780614/employment-tribunal-powers-user-guidance.pdf” target=”_blank”>has published guidance explaining the powers available to Employment Tribunals</a> (ETs) &ndash; their use and their application &ndash; based on feedback from users of the service which suggested there was a lack of awareness on this issue.</p> <p>Using case law examples to illustrate how ETs have used the powers at their… Read more »

Those Who Live in Glass Houses Can’t Expect Perfect Privacy

<p>Heavily glazed high-rise properties are considered highly desirable by many because of the panoramic views that they afford. However, the High Court has ruled in a case of great interest to property professionals that those who live in glass houses cannot complain if strangers are able to see inside their living spaces.</p> <p><img alt=”office 22″… Read more »

Representing Yourself in a Planning Appeal? Read This and Think Again!

<p>The legal system is replete with strict time limits which add to the hazards faced by those who choose to represent themselves without professional assistance. A landowner found that out to his cost after a series of unfortunate events had the disastrous consequence of him lodging a planning appeal too late.</p> <p><img alt=”Royal Courts of… Read more »

Self-Drafted Legal Document Leaves Widow Exposed to Forgery Accusation

<p><img alt=”House” src=”https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/legalrss-production/assets/2641/small/IMAG0791.jpg?1482156748″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />The huge disadvantage of self-drafting legal documents without professional advice is that their validity, effect, and even their genuineness, can subsequently be very difficult to prove. A widow who contributed &pound;150,000 to the purchase of her stepson&rsquo;s home on the basis of a home-made agreement faced exactly… Read more »

Ex-Employee Threatening to Speak to the Press? This is What You Should Do!

<p>Breakdowns in workplace relationships are always painful and can be particularly so when they are revealed in the press. However, as a High Court case showed, judges are always on hand to take emergency steps to ensure that current and former staff members abide by confidentiality clauses in their employment contracts.</p> <p>The case concerned a… Read more »