Zero-Hours Contract Music Teacher Triumphs in Holiday Pay Test Case

<p>Where workers are employed on permanent contracts but work for only part of the year, how should their holiday pay be calculated? The Court of Appeal addressed that burning issue in a test case concerning a school music teacher.</p> <p><img alt=”Music” src=”″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:left; margin:2px 7px” />The teacher was not a casual worker, but… Read more »

Jet Passenger Hurt in Slipping Accident Wins Six-Figure Compensation

<p><img alt=”plane landing” src=”″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />Holidaymakers and business travellers will be interested to know that very particular rules apply to accidents that occur on board aircraft. However, expert lawyers can be relied upon to rise to such challenges and, in one case, won a passenger six-figure compensation following a slipping accident.</p>… Read more »

Internet Defamation Is Global – Where Is the Reputational Harm Caused?

<p>Defamatory statements posted on the Internet are viewed worldwide, raising the question of exactly where the reputational harm they cause has arisen. The High Court tackled that very modern issue in a libel case brought by a man who claimed to be the creator of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.</p> <p>The computer scientist launched proceedings in London… Read more »

Even Illegal Workers Have Employment Rights – Court of Appeal Ruling

<p>Can foreign nationals who work illegally in this country rely on their employment contracts in bringing proceedings before an Employment Tribunal (ET)? The Court of Appeal tackled that issue in a decision which signals a judicial clampdown on the exploitation of overseas workers.</p> <p>The case concerned a foreign live-in domestic worker whose employer had provided… Read more »

Junior Doctor’s Rest Breaks Victory Will Cost the NHS Millions

In a decision which will cost the NHS many millions of pounds, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a hospital trust failed to properly monitor a group of junior doctors’ working patterns so as to ensure that they received adequate rest breaks. In a test case backed by the British Medical Association, a junior… Read more »

Superyacht Skipper Can Pursue Unfair Dismissal Claim in England

The limited territorial reach of English Employment Tribunals (ETs) can pose difficulties to those who lead globe-trotting working lives. In a guideline case, however, the former captain of a superyacht which moved from port to port won the right to pursue his unfair dismissal claim in this country. The captain launched proceedings before an ET… Read more »