Music Teacher Strikes Blow for Fixed-Term Contract Workers

A music teacher who ended up on a zero hours contract after his employment was transferred from a local authority to the private sector has scored a legal victory of importance to all fixed-term contract workers (Services for Education [S4E Limited] v White and Another). Mr White had worked as a sessional music teacher for… Read more »

A General Guide to Recruiting Staff

Getting the recruitment process right is vital to ensure that you not only select the most suitable candidate for the vacancy but also do so without falling foul of the applicable law. The Law The Equality Act 2010 is intended to eliminate discrimination from all workplace situations, including recruitment procedures. The Act protects people from… Read more »

Top Tips for HR Professionals

With the correct HR practices in place your organisation can build the best team of working professionals to help make your business a success. As Sir Richard Branson, the famous British businessman and investor famously said- learn to look after you staff first and the rest will follow. This week, our HR Partner Angela Richards… Read more »

Sacked School Caretaker’s Compensation Wrongly Capped

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that a school caretaker, who was unfairly dismissed due to concerns about his allegedly inappropriate conduct towards pupils, wrongly had a cap placed on his compensation on the basis that he would have lost his job in any event (V v Hertfordshire County Council and Another). The school’s… Read more »

Relationships at Work

35% of your total waking hours is spent at work, based on the average working week of 39.2 hours and over a 50-year period. That’s without taking any additional hours into consideration, so that 35% could in fact be higher for some. The statistics are quite alarming, and maybe not the sort of thing you… Read more »

Collective Redundancy Consultation – Update

In United States of America v Nolan, the Supreme Court has ruled that the US Government did have collective redundancy consultation obligations with regard to civilian workers during the closure of a US army base at Hythe in Hampshire. Difficulties over when consultation should commence have arisen in the past because EU Directive 98/59/EC, the… Read more »

Employee’s Dismissal for Facebook Abuse Was Fair

A canal worker who was sacked for gross misconduct after he was found to have used a string of offensive expletives to describe his managers on Facebook has lost his claim of unfair dismissal (British Waterways Board [Trading as Scottish Canals] v Smith). David Smith began employment with Scottish Canals, the name under which the… Read more »

Government Issues Guidance on Zero Hours Contracts

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has issued guidance explaining what zero hours contracts are and how they should be used. This provides information on: how they affect employment rights; appropriate use; inappropriate use; alternatives; best practice; and exclusivity clauses.

Zero-hours contracts under the spotlight again

You may have read our blog on zero-hours contracts back in August where we discussed how this kind of employment contract was offered to almost a quarter of all unemployed people. These findings came from a survey conducted by Glassdoor, a global vacancy and recruitment company, who also found that overall, 40% of unemployed adults… Read more »