Jaguar Land Rover Seen Off by Small Business in Trade Mark Dispute

<p>The careful scrutiny given to trade mark applications applies to multinationals with just the same rigour as it does to modest businesses. In a High Court case on point, a small company successfully blocked Jaguar Land Rover Limited&rsquo;s bid to establish exclusive use of a sign in the form of the letters &lsquo;LR&rsquo;.</p> <p>Jaguar Land… Read more »

Landed Couple’s Divorce Leaves Their Son with Burning Grievance

<p>One of the reasons why divorcing couples should always seek professional advice is that children also feel the consequences of marital breakdown. That was certainly so in one case in which a former couple&rsquo;s decision to split a 3,000-acre family estate between them left their son with a burning sense of grievance.</p> <p><img alt=”” src=”″… Read more »

Forged IVF Consent Form Triggers Unique Breach of Contract Claim

<p>Healthy children are a blessing and, even where their birth arises from a breach of contract, the costs of bringing them up cannot be recovered as compensation. The Court of Appeal made that point in the case of a father whose ex-partner gave birth to his daughter after forging his signature on an IVF consent… Read more »

Theme Park Fails to Win Rates Reduction in Wake of Rollercoaster Crash

<p>In a guideline case of interest to surveyors, valuers and other property professionals, a theme park which suffered a dramatic drop in trade following a rollercoaster crash has failed to convince the Upper Tribunal (UT) that it deserves a reduction in its business rates.</p> <p>Five passengers were badly injured in the crash, which received nationwide… Read more »

Appointing Loved Ones as Executors of Your Will? Read This First!

<p><img alt=”Graveyard” src=”/system/assets/879/small/SAM_0222.JPG?1320171387″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />Appointing loved ones as executors of your will may seem the natural thing to do, but there are very good reasons why it is often wiser to employ professionals. A case on point concerned two sisters who fell out bitterly after one of them arranged their father&rsquo;s… Read more »

Building Contractor Fined £425,000 Following Roof Light Fall

<p>Construction projects are replete with dangers and, where a failure to match up to health and safety rules results in injury or death, deterrent financial penalties are frequently imposed. In a case on point, a building contractor received a &pound;425,000 fine after a worker fell through a fragile roof light and was gravely injured.</p> <p>The… Read more »

Dependent on Others in Old Age? Are You at Risk of Exploitation?

<p>Elderly people who depend on others for companionship and care are vulnerable to exploitation, and that is why it is so vital that they have access to independent legal advice. In a case on point, a judge came to the aid of a widow whose daughter and son-in-law misappropriated her money and procured the transfer… Read more »