Do you need Zero Hour Contracts?

Despite the negative publicity surrounding Zero-Hours Contracts (ZHCs) they are suitable for some industries (retail, manufacturing, care, hospitality) and some individuals because of the flexibility that comes with them. ZHCs can be used to manage peak or seasonal work or where the workload is otherwise irregular or even to cover short-term absences. Our advice is… Read more »

Taking the Opportunity to Network with Neighbours

If you’re following us on Twitter or connected to our LinkedIn, you will know that we take every opportunity possible to attend networking events. To us it’s a valuable opportunity to not only expand on our knowledge within our specialist areas, but also learn from the successes of others and share experiences with professionals and… Read more »

Are you putting your employees health and wellbeing at risk?

According to a recent report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Developments (CIPD), lack of heath and wellbeing policies are putting employee and business health at risk. The ‘Growing the health and wellbeing agenda: From fist steps to full potential’ report found that fewer than one in ten organisations have implemented a standalone wellbeing… Read more »

New European Court Ruling – Not Green Light for Snooping

Following a decision on Tuesday from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), employers are being warned about the dangers of unregulated snooping on staff. A Romanian engineer, Bogdan Barbulescu, claimed that his employer had breached his right to respect for private and family life after he was dismissed from work due to what his… Read more »

National Living Wage: Majority of Employers not Prepared

With just four months to go, a recent Government report has revealed that the majority of employers across the UK are not ready for the introduction of the national living wage (NLW). In July, Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Emergency Budget 2015 that “Britain deserves a pay rise” and introduced the new NLW. Come… Read more »

Mother Dismissed for Absenteeism Wins Tribunal Claims

A call-centre worker who was dismissed for gross misconduct after she was absent from work when her baby daughter was in hospital has won her claims of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal (Van Heeswyk v One Call Insurance Services Limited). Annie Van Heeswyk worked for One Call Insurance Services Limited. After her return from maternity… Read more »

Your Christmas Party

Christmas parties are a great opportunity for staff to relax and socialise together ahead of the festive season, as well as showing you appreciate their hard work over the year. As it is a work event, however, employers do need to be mindful of the responsibilities they have towards staff. Employees should also be reminded… Read more »