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Suffering the Effects of Asbestos Exposure? See a Lawyer Today!

<p>If you suspect that your health has been damaged by exposure to asbestos there are powerful reasons why you should contact a solicitor without delay. In one case, an ex-scaffolder&rsquo;s decision to take legal advice before his death from asbestos-related cancer ultimately led to his loved ones receiving &pound;85,000 in compensation.</p> <p>The man died from… Read more »

New ‘Vento’ Bands

<p>The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England &amp; Wales and Scotland <a href=”” target=”_blank”>have issued a joint Second Addendum</a>, updating earlier Presidential Guidance issued on 5 September 2017, announcing the rates payable for the three bands that are used by Employment Tribunals when assessing the amount of compensation payable for injury to feelings in… Read more »

High Court Enforces Partnership Agreement Non-Compete Clause

<p>Validly restricting the post-termination conduct of employees and partners involves striking a careful balance between business protection and personal freedom, and that is why professional drafting is indispensable. An instructive case on point concerned a partner in a professional services firm who was banned from joining a competitor for six months following his retirement.</p> <p>After… Read more »

French Lawyer Tests Limits of UK Employment Tribunals’ Territorial Reach

<p>The territorial reach of UK Employment Tribunals (ETs) is not without limit and the overseas presence of many British businesses can give rise to difficult jurisdictional issues. A recent case concerned a French lawyer who worked in the Paris office of an international law firm based in London.</p> <p>The lawyer, a partner in the firm,… Read more »

High Court Steps in to Ban Press Publication of Mental Patient Video

<p><img alt=”Hospital” src=”″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />When sick or infirm people lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves, the law steps in to protect them &ndash; even against the well-meaning interference of loved ones. In a case on point, the High Court banned publication of a video taken of a mental patient… Read more »

Manufacturer Hit Hard in Pocket After Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreaks

<p>Money spent on ensuring that health and safety rules are religiously met is money well spent. The point was resoundingly proved by a case in which a car parts manufacturer&rsquo;s failings led to outbreaks of Legionnaire&rsquo;s disease.</p> <p>The company&rsquo;s plant had an extensive water system comprising four cooling towers and 22,000 metres of pipework. The… Read more »