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Oral Offers Are Easy to Make – It’s the Documents You Sign that Matter!

Those intent on changing jobs can easily have their heads turned by glittering offers of remuneration and benefits made over lunch and a handshake. However, as one case strikingly showed, it is written terms of engagement that really matter, and taking expert advice is the best way of avoiding bitter disappointment. The case concerned two… Read more »

Perceived Disability – Police Officer Discrimination Victim Wins Damages

Even those whose medical conditions or incapacities are not so grave as to amount to disabilities can win compensation if they suffer discrimination in the workplace. The Court of Appeal made that clear in upholding a substantial damages award made to a police officer whose hearing was mildly impaired. The officer’s hearing loss had never… Read more »

‘Fat Finger’ Email Blunder Triggers High Court Confidentiality Case

<p>Every email user is aware of the risk that so-called &lsquo;fat finger syndrome&rsquo; may result in a message being sent to the wrong address. The consequences can be more than just embarrassing, but a High Court case showed that judges can act with great speed in limiting any damage caused.</p> <p>In response to a complaint,… Read more »

Circumventing a Collective Bargaining Process is Not Always Unlawful

<p>Employers are generally barred from circumventing collective bargaining agreements by going behind trade unions&rsquo; backs and making direct offers to the workers they represent. In a ground-breaking decision, however, the Court of Appeal has ruled that that does not amount to trade unions having a veto over even the most minor changes to their members&rsquo;… Read more »

Assets Passing Between Parents and Children Are Presumed to Be Gifts

<p>Where money or other assets pass from a parent to a child, the law presumes that they are gifts, unless proved otherwise. That rule had a central part to play in an insolvency case concerning properties which were bought in the name of a woman whose entrepreneur father was subsequently declared bankrupt.</p> <p><img alt=”House” src=”″… Read more »

Thinking of Making a Home-Made Will? Think Again!

<p><img alt=”Pub” src=”″ style=”border-style:solid; border-width:0px; float:right; margin:2px 5px” />Making a will without professional advice is a positive invitation to dispute after you are gone. That was certainly so in the case of a vulnerable alcoholic who had a pint of beer in front of him when he signed will forms in a pub, leaving everything… Read more »